Lavender Panna Cotta with Kumquat Compote

Round dois das receitas em inglês, em breve comunicaremos qual o site e deixaremos o link por aqui. Divirtam-se esta é muito fixe 😛

There´s nothing like sweetness on your palate, and Portuguese are well know for their sweet tooth. It´s the final touch you need in a perfect meal… or sometimes you just crave for a dessert, I get that a lot…

One of my favourites is panna cotta, one the marvels you can find in Italian cuisine, it’s a wonderful dessert and so simple, that´s actually the beauty of it. They picked up cream and found a way to flavour it and change its texture in a way that it still keeps the essence of cream… gotta love it.

This particular time, the idea of panna cotta came from a brainstorm with my girlfriend Rita, which is a wonderful cook, and gave the idea of flavouring the panna cotta with lavender, an herb that for centuries has been known for its relaxing properties just what you need at the end of the day. We made a Lavender Panna Cotta with Kumquat Compote.

Lavender is a tricky herb, if you use too much it´s going to taste like cologne, and if it´s too little you can´t taste much of it. So you have to be careful with quantity used. Panna Cotta is, unlike most people think, a quite easygoing dessert to prepare, all you need is:

Panna Cotta:

–          400 ml 35% fat cream;

–          5 gelatin sheets;

–          75 g sugar;

–          15 g fresh lavender;


–          200g  kumquat;

–          50 g sugar;

–          50 ml water;

Basically we start by making an infusion with the cream, put it on a light heat (you don´t want the cream to boil… never!), as soon as it heats up add the lavender, and when you see the first bubbles turn off the heat. Then pick up some cling film to cover the sauce pan you used to make the infusion. Leave it for 40 minutes so it lets out all the flavour. Meanwhile start with the compote, by adding in a sauce pan the kumquat sliced, with the water and the sugar and let it simmer in a medium heat, until it thickens and with a spoon stir it, hang the spoon over the sauce pan, if small drops (like pearls) fall down, you can turn off the heat and let it cool down.

When the 40 minutes pass, sift the infusion and remove the lavender. Then pick the gelatin sheets and soak them in cold water, when they´re completely softened just squeeze them to remove the excessive moist, and put them in a small bowl you can use in the microwave oven. 40 seconds should be enough to liquefy the gelatin, quickly add it to the warm cream infusion and stir it until the gelatin is completely mixed.  Put it in small cups or in a large a bowl… use your imagination! Let it solidify for 2 hours or so… serve it with the compote, and enjoy it by the porch !

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